The following procedure uses the built-in customization features to add items to the resolution type for a case. To customize the Resolution Type list on the Resolve Case dialog box, follow these steps:

  1. In the Microsoft CRM Web client, in the Navigation Pane, click Settings.
  2. Under Settings, click Customization, and then click Customize the System.
  3. Expand Entities list, and expand the Case entity list and click on Fields.
  4. Find the Status Reason field and double click to open.
  5. In the Field: Status Reason of Case form, in the Status area, select Resolved in the State list. The following figure displays this form and list.
  6. Click Add.
  7. In the Add List Value dialog box, type a Label, such as Unable to Contact Customer, and then click OK.
  8. Repeat the previous step to add another Label, such as Customer Request to Close.
  9. After you have all the items that you want, click Save and Close to close the Field: Status Reason of Case form.
  10. Click on the Case entity item and click the Publish button.
  11. To confirm that your new values were added, open an existing case or create a new case, and on the Actions menu, click Resolve Case.
  12. In the Resolve Case dialog box, in the Resolution Type list, verify that the values that you added appear.

After you have completed the previous customization, you can also customize the Resolved Cases view, which displays all resolved cases. This customization adds the Status Reason column to the Resolved Cases view, so that the resolution type is displayed for each resolved case. Alternatively, you can customize the My Resolved Cases view, which displays only resolved cases that you own.