Upgrading ClickDimensions (CRM 2011)


To Upgrade ClickDimensions take the following steps:

1.       Backup CRM Account, Contact, and Lead customizations

2.       Run the ClickDImensions upgrade utility

3.       Compare the new customizations to the original customization export.

4.       Import the original customizations, if required

5.       Re-publish duplicate detection rules


Backup CRM Customizations

In CRM go to Settings> Solutions. Click on New.



When the Solutions dialog opens Add Existing entities: Account, Contact, Lead.


Export Solution to a backup file (e.g. Pre CD Upgrade) and do not include required components.




Run the ClickDimensions upgrade

Go to Settings> ClickDimensions Settings>Auto Update. Click on Auto Update.



On the Auto Update dialog click on Update Now. ClickDimensions will update CRM and send an E-mail to the name in the Notification E-mail box.




When you receive the E-mail. Log into CRM and go to Settings> Solutions. Click on Publish All Customizations.


Remove Obsolete plugins

Use the plugin registration program to disable the EmailEvent, SentEmail, PostedForm, PostedSubscription, PostedSurvey, PageView, Score, SubscriptionPreferences, and Visit plugin steps. These have all deprecated and should not be enabled in your system.

Compare Customizations

Export the next customizations using the method described above.


Using an editor such as NotePad++ compare the new customization xml to the original. If there is significant difference, import the original customizations.


Import the original Customizations (optional)

If significant changes have been made to the original customizations, re-import the original customizations to set the customizations back.  Go to Settings>Solutions. Click on Import icon, Browse to the file, click Next and import the original exported field.  Publish all Customizations and Close to finish the update.


Publish Duplicate Detection Rules

After importing a solution you must re-publish duplicate detection rules. In CRM go to Settings>Data Management>Duplicate Detection Rules. Highlight the desired duplicate detection rules and click on the Publish icon.